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amazing tone. stunning artwork.

We came up with an idea to build pedals which would sound amazing but also bring joy through stunning artwork. We thought about all the toys and games we admired as children, and we asked the question: “Could we capture the same magic through pedals?” Yes, yes we can.

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Magic. all in one box.

Musicians are now utilizing our pedals and enjoying them not only for the their great tone, but the happiness and joy they bring because they are part of something larger. They tap into the child in all of us.


New Sonic Adventures Await

We are being embraced by musicians all over the world. Pros, hobbyists and beginners are all finding guitar can be fun again.

And, here is the best news: you can now take part and capture sonic greatness through our magical line of pedals.

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a historic guide about guitar distortion

Siren Pedals in a one-person team designing and handbuilding pedals in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Handmade in Nashville, TN

Every Siren pedal is built at our shop which is located just outside of downtown Nashville.

Have a question, comment, or suggestion? You can email us at:

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