5 Things That Make A PRS SE Great

Paul Reed Smith guitars are among the finest in the world - they boast a strong, eclectic sound; they're sturdier than average, and they look fantastic and unique. However, there are numerous other reasons why these guitars are in top leagues, and we're here today with the list of 5 Things that make PRS SE Great.

1. Remarkable aesthetics

The first thing that captivates us after seeing a guitar in action is how it looks. Now, there are beautiful guitars, there are well-designed guitars, and then there are PRS SE guitars. It's fairly safe to say that Paul Reed managed to bring out the most from the world of functionality and integrate it with the world of all things fashionable seamlessly.

Most SE guitars feature the single-cutaway design, even the acoustic models; this is what makes them so recognizable, but also timeless in more ways than one. Even though this body design type is not new per se, it has proved to be perfect in terms of on-stage use as well as a perfect canvas for PRS remarkable finishes.

2. Outstanding level of durability

PRS guitars are, without exception, road-worthy and built to last. Dozens of professionals rely on Paul Reed Smith guitars when they hit the road for months and months on end, during which time these guitars endure different climates, weather conditions, and hours of rough use.

The Student Edition PRS axes are not different in the slightest. Guitars that belong to this generation are made of robust tonewoods and feature multiple reinforcing layers for extra protection, making them some of the most durable guitars on the current market.

This is especially true for the SE Acoustic sub-category. The SE P20s specifically come supplied with top-shelf ebony and mahogany tonewoods while their more expensive A40 SE counterparts are even supplied with robust Tiger Acrylic hardware and PRS-designed proprietary tuners that can withstand years and years of serious abuse.

The bottom line is that PRS SE guitars, regardless of what sub-category we're looking at, are tremendously sturdy and tailor-made for gigging and touring musicians.

3. Approachable price tag

One would think that these all-around powerhouses of guitars are terribly expensive; however, the fact is that most PRS SE guitars are below a grand in terms of cost.

There are a handful of models that are borderline pricey (the SE Hollowbody II with Piezo pickups), but other than those guitars in this generation are remarkably cost-effective and valuable for the buck.

First and foremost, the vast catalog of the Student Edition PRS guitars offers something for everyone's pocket. The entry-level models are perfect for beginners and enthusiasts while more expensive models are oftentimes go-to guitars for seasoned veterans and professionals.

The approachability of these guitars coupled with their long-term durability is what ultimately makes them so great.

4. Unique sonic performance

Apart from being a brand that manufactures sturdy, great-looking guitars, PRS also designs pickups and other pieces of hardware that are integrated into their products. It should not come as a surprise that guitars made by this company are among the best-sounding ones that money can buy.

Even the factory magnets that SE guitars come supplied with are of exceptional quality, but should a guitarist want to take their sound a step further they could always boost their axe's performance with one of the many PRS-made pickups.

Some of the most esteemed pickups SE guitars are outfitted with include the fresh 57/08 and the Dragon II; what's more, the famous Creed's guitarist Mark Tremonti also collaborated with Paul on the creation of Tremonti Custom Pickup, which graces some of the models from the SE Custom series.

At the end of the day, guitar players who are looking for a guitar that sounds unique and exquisite may want to start their search at the doorstep of the Student Edition Paul Reed Smith generation.

5. An eclectic catalog to choose from

Believe it or not, the SE (Student Edition) series is one of the youngest generations of PRS guitars. Even though this portion of their catalog is still fresh, there's still plenty to choose from depending on your skill level, ambition, and budget.

In short, this series is comprised of the SE Custom, the SE Standard, the SE Signature, the SE 245, and the SE Hollow-Body categories, all of which share similar aesthetics but are vastly different in terms of performance and features.

The main difference between these sub-categories lays in the tonewoods used in the construction process and pickups. For instance, the SE HollowBody guitars are warmer but heavier; the Custom guitars are supplied with exquisite tremolo bars and some of the hottest pickups, but they're also the most expensive ones.

The versatility of the SE series makes it approachable for both amateurs and professionals, which is one of the most important reasons why PRS Student Edition is so great.

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