The 7 Greatest Gibson SG Guitarists of All Time

Gibson is such a relevant brand in the electric guitar scene that it is very difficult to find a famous guitarist who has not played one throughout his career. Gibson models are, along with Fender's, the most influential on the market, and its manufacturing style has been shared by thousands of brands. However, their popularity would not have been the same without the help of the artists, who, by playing their instruments, became an endorsement of their validity as tools for work and creation. It is evident that seeing Jimmy Page, Slash, or Angus Young brandishing a certain guitar makes their fans want to have it, consequently turning it into an object of desire.

So we wanted to make a list of the guitarists who have probably meant the most in Gibson's history, and particularly for the SG model. Needless to say that 7 is an insufficient number as so many have had to be left off the list. So, let’s start.

Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin was always surrounded by an aura of mystery and mysticism, which was reinforced at all times by the unmistakable figure of Jimmy Page with his Les Paul or his double-necked SG. It is impossible to think about SG without "Stairway to Heaven" coming to mind. The later influence of Led Zeppelin in Rock and Heavy Metal is undeniable, although really in the music of the Zeppelin all kinds of sounds could be found: from blues and black music to oriental sounds. Gibson’s SG did it all.

Angus Young

Angus Young is one of those rock guitarists who possesses a magical magnetism, thanks to his combination of good sound, authenticity in his playing, and his sense of showmanship. All of us have played at least one AC/DC riff on our guitar, and that's the fault of Young and his inseparable Gibson SG. If we had a way of measuring how many SGs have been bought thanks to Young, we are sure we'd be blown away.

Eric Clapton

Clapton is probably better known today for the use of the Stratocaster, but he has also carried out some of his most important stages with a Gibson in his hands. Since the days of Cream, we have been able to see Clapton getting the best out of an SG, a Les Paul, or even a Firebird. But one of his favorites is his L5, with which he appears in his performances very often.

Tony Iommi 

It is impossible not to mention the lead guitarist of the band that completely changed the rock/metal sound – Black Sabbath. Tony Iommi's iconic guitar is the Gibson SG in different models, and these he used to create history. Early in his career, he would use the Gibson SG "Monkey" and the Custom Gibson SG Special, and The Jaydee SG Custom Oldboy from 2014 is one of the last models Tony has used.

Frank Zappa

Needless to say that Frank Zappa was a prolific American songwriter, singer, and guitarist of Italian descent, who developed his musical career through a wide range of musical genres and experimental music. Frank Zappa used Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul models, but his most characteristic guitar is the Gibson SG. How could it be otherwise given Zappa's nonconformity? Frank made many different modifications, swapping out the P90 pickups he originally rode, for Gibson '57 Classic dual-coil pickups, and with two mini-switches for coil-split and phase shift.

Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend is a famous British guitarist, singer, and songwriter, internationally recognized as the lead guitarist and songwriter for one of the most influential and legendary rock bands of the 20th century: The Who.

In his early days as a professional, Pete used Rickenbacker semi-acoustic guitars. But as the destruction of instruments became common in the group's performances, he began to use more resistant guitars and with a lower price like the Fender Stratocaster, or Telecaster. He would also use the Special Gibson SG model. Although after the design of this model by Gibson being modified, Pete would go to one of the most iconic models of his: the Gibson Les Paul Deluxe.

Adrian Smith

Considered as one of the most important bands in history within the genre in question, and also at a general level, Iron Maiden’s guitarist Adrian Smith should definitely be on the list. He has used a wide repertoire of guitars throughout his entire career. Lately, the most normal thing is to see him with custom models made by Jackson, such as the Jackson Adrian Smith Dinky. But the Gibson SG has followed him for years, and many Iron Maiden hits were recorded with it.

Honorable Mentions

As stated in the beginning, it is impossible to name every single guitar legend that has used the Gibson SG model at least once in their career. The previous 7 have been using it for years and that’s why they are on this arguable list. There are many more legends that have used SG sometimes, such as Robby Krieger, Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Carlos Santana, and many more.

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