Top 5 Things that Make a Stratocaster Great

It would be an understatement to say that the electric guitar changed the course of music history. The sole concept of this instrument opened up new doors and gave us new ways to perform and experience music. Sure, the first examples of this instrument were a little clumsy, but it finally found its true form in the early 1950s when Leo Fender brought new innovative designs onto the table. One of those guitar models, made by Fender, was released in 1954 and has remained almost unchanged even to this day. Looking at an average Fender Stratocaster these days, it seems that the saying "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."

So it comes as no surprise that Stratocaster is one of the most often copied models of all time. Even with some modern guitars these days, you can see clearly that same double-cutaway design with three pickups that Leo Fender came up with back then. With this in mind, we can easily say that, out of all guitar models ever, it's Fender's Stratocaster that probably made the biggest impact on modern music. In case you're considering whether to buy any of Stratocaster variations, we have a short answer and a longer answer. Since the short one would simply be "yes," here are five things that make this guitar great and that may convince you to go out there and buy it.

1. It's extremely versatile

You can find Fender Stratocaster, or any of the copies and imitations, in pretty much all genres. Rock, hard rock, heavy metal, blues, jazz, even pop music – you'll find the exact same model with the exact same pickups in all of them. And while the guitar is not that popular in the more "extreme" metal genres, we're certain that you could easily implement its three single-coil pickups in thrash or even death metal with the right rig. Of course, there are also Stratocasters with a humbucking pickup in the bridge position, which would make its implementation in metal music much simpler.

But the fact still remains – it's an extremely versatile instrument. Whether you're a beginner who's not that certain where the musical journey would take you or an experienced advanced player, you just can't go wrong with the good old Strat. What's more, it comes with 5 pickup combinations, giving you an extended palette of tones.

2. Tuning stability

Many guitars these days come with locking tuners and other features that are supposed to keep it in tune no matter what. However, pretty much all Stratocasters manage to achieve this with only the basic features. The secret is not in flashy additions that would just pump up its price, but rather the instrument's design, the choice of materials, and quality hardware. This way, you have a fairly simple and relatively cheaper instrument that's capable of achieving the same results that we see on those high-end instruments. So don't be afraid to put that whammy bar to good use, as your Strat will stay in tune.

3. Ergonomic features

As we already mentioned, the guitar's design and main features haven't greatly changed since the 1950s. That's pretty impressive and there's a really good reason behind it. The double-cutaway design and a few other features make Strat a quite comfortable guitar to play. The access to higher frets is designed in such a way that you feel almost no difference playing there compared to lower frets. Additionally, the body shape allows comfortable picking, as well as easy access to volume and tone pots, without having to move your picking hand too far away from the strings to adjust it.

4. Consistency

You can take a specific Stratocaster series and pretty much every single one of them will feel the same and sound the same. And if there are any unwanted errors in the instrument's building process (yeah, it happens to the best as well), you can always switch it for another one and get a good guitar. The company is well-known for its consistency. If you tried out your friend's Strat, you can easily order your online and it will be as if you're playing that same instrument. Even with today's methods and technological advancements, this is not something that you see that often, even with other big companies.

5. Aesthetic features

Yes, guitar players care about how things look. Although the tone and the performance qualities are the main focus for almost every guitarist, aesthetics are a part of this game as well. And, to be fair, Stratocasters are some of the prettiest-looking guitars out there. The looks fit pretty much any setting, and it comes in so many different color patterns and finishes. Just like with its sonic versatility Stratocaster looks also fit different genres as well.

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