Top 5 Things that Make a Telecaster Great

The world of electric guitars is filled with so many interesting stories. We could go on for days about each individual model and how it came to be. However, no guitar out there is as unique as Fender's legendary Telecaster. Going way back to the very beginning of the 1950s, Leo Fender found the perfect way to expand on the idea of solid-body electric guitars. First released in 1950, it originally had a different name and was known as Fender Broadcaster.

Fast forward to the present day, this peculiar guitar shape has become very popular among guitar players of many different genres. Also, we have many different iterations, most of them bearing two pickups, near the bridge, and the other one near the neck. Although there have been many combinations of different types of pickups, most of the versions still keep the two single-coils on it. And this goes both for Fender and other brands who have copied the design.

Being such a unique instrument, we've decided to look more into it and bring you the list of top 5 things that make Telecasters great.

1. It's a first commercially successful solid-body electric guitar in history

When holding a Fender Telecaster in your hands, you hold a piece of history. Released originally back in 1950 under the Broadcaster model name, it stays relevant among the guitar players even to this day. Over time, they changed the name to Telecaster, but its overall design stayed pretty much the same.

Although there have been some mandatory changes and improvements over the years, Telecasters stay almost the same compared to the versions released back in the early days. Even if you buy a cheaper version of a Fender Telecaster these days, you'll get almost the same package you got back in those days. And you can't say that about most of the guitars that are made today, can you?

2. It's a pretty simple guitar

Say what you will, but simplicity comes with its own strengths. Yes, there are plenty of guitars with so many diverse features these days. However, musicians often still love the simplicity and straightforward nature of some instruments. This is exactly the case with Fender Telecasters, as they provide a great "platform" for any guitar player. Just plug it into any amplifier, select the pickup that you need, and rock. It's as simple as that. After all, does anyone really want to bother with having so many different options that they won't ever use? Just grab a Tele, and the world will be your oyster.

3. Telecasters are very versatile

And while we're at it, it's quite amazing how such a simple guitar can be so versatile. Over the past decades, Telecaster got the reputation for being the perfect guitar for country music. At the same time, its "jangly" and "twangy" tone found its use in blues, jazz, and some subgenres of rock music. However, its popularity was mostly limited.

However, it was the metal musicians that pushed the boundaries and actually implemented Fender Telecasters in making some of the heaviest music ever known to man. Despite rocking single-coil pickups, Telecasters provide a few other qualities that make it so versatile. Despite popular opinions, such a bright and "tight" tone proved to be pretty useful for some metal subgenres, even covering those high-gain territories. You might need a compressor pedal to make it all work, but the results are astounding.

At the same time, its unique formation with two single-coil pickups proved to be very unique. A classic Stratocaster won't let you use the bridge and the neck pickup at the same time. This particular combination is one of the things that makes it so versatile and unique.

4. Reliability

Whoever played a Telecaster, they never complained about its reliability. Yeah, you might not like some of its particular sonic properties, but Fender Teles just stay in tune, play well, and have always been consistent. Whether it's a live show, a studio session, or just a fun little jam at home, reliable performance is guaranteed. Also, they're really simple and easy to set up and intonate, so you won't need to bother about it too much.

5. Very unique tone, design, and features

Telecasters are just very unique guitars. And it's about all of the aspects. The guitar just looks and feels amazing, but there's no other model that will make your experience the same. The simplicity, the unique "ashtray" bridge, the body shape, the headstock shape, and the two single-coil pickups – it's all that makes Telecaster a Telecaster. And you just won't find a guitar like that anywhere.

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