10 Famous Guitar Pedalboards

Electric guitars have gone a long way since the 1940s. The effects that were once really difficult to achieve are now available in the form of compact pedals. Although some are relying on digital modeling amps, many guitar-wielding enthusiasts and professionals go with classic guitar pedals. Let us check out some of the pedalboards (in no particular order) of the famous musicians out there.

1. Jack White

The White Stripes frontman has always been known for his peculiar tone. When it comes to the signal chain, the first obvious thing is his DigiTech Whammy pitch shifter pedal. He's also known for using the legendary Electro-Harmonix Big Muff in his setup, as well as Boss CS-3 Compressor, Electro-Harmonix Bassballs, and a few other effects, including tremolo and delays.

One of the most interesting pedals in there is the Electro-Harmonics POG2 Polyphonic Octave.

2. Josh Homme

Josh Homme began attracting attention with his raw yet controlled tones way back in his Kyuss days. Now working with Queens of the Stone Age, he refined his tone using different guitars, amps, and pedals.

He's rooted in the vintage stuff but also relies on some modern pedals. As for the vintage, he uses Univox Super-Fuzz as a dirt box. Aside from it, he has a few different Fulltone clean boosters, Morley wahs, and some filter pedals that allow quirky tones. He's also a fan of analog delays.

3. John Petrucci

There's a lot of stuff we can find in John Petrucci's rig. Some of the pedals include his signature Dunlop Crybaby wah JP-95, Mesa Grid Slammer overdrive, Boss PH-3 Phaser, and TC Electronic Ditto delay. He also has a bunch of rach effects that can be controlled with an external pedal, like the Dunlop DCR-2SR wah module. An interesting piece is his Keeley modified Ibanez Tube Screamer, the TS9 model renamed to TS9DX.

4. Slash

It's always easy to recognize the tone of Guns N' Roses legend Slash. Aside from his staple Les Paul guitars, his sound comes from quite a few interesting pedals he used over the years. He's known for different wahs including his signature SC95 Cry Baby, and the aforementioned DCR-2SR module.

His dirty but controlled tone comes from the MXR SF-01 Octaver Fuzz. Another dist pedal he's known for is the old classic MXR Distortion+. Of course, there's always a delay somewhere in there, like the Boss DD-3.

5. Billy Gibbons

What Billy Gibbons did to the guitar world is of great importance to every rock fan. Being present in the rock scene since the 1960s, it's only obvious that his pedals are going to come from those old times, or that they'd be inspired by those old effects.

He owns the first distortion pedal model ever, the Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone. There's also a rare hand-made overdrive called Bionic Expandora, which is capable of delivering both vintage and modern tones. Among other pieces, he also has the Dunlop JHM2, which gives him some of those octaver + fuzz sounds.

6. Matt Bellamy

We've heard countless times what Muse's Matt Bellamy is capable of. And there are quite a few interesting and unique pedals in his signal chain: DigiTech Whammy, Machsonic Thrust Drive, JHS Crayon Overdrive, Keeley Fuzz, Keeley Compressor, even a DOD EQ pedal. There's also a unit like the Line 6 DL4, giving some colorful options to classic delays.

7. John Mayer

Bringing blues to a whole new level, John Mayer is one of those guys who began using Kempers recently. But there's still some excitement when it comes to his pedalboards – a few versions of the Tube Screamer, Boss DB-2 Blues Driver, Marshal Blues Breaker, and Klon Centaur. For wahs, he goes with Real McCoy Custom RMC8 and for delays he chooses the Line 6 DL4.

Another interesting overdrive in his rig is the Analog Man King of Tone.

8. Tom Morello

The first thing that comes to mind with Tom Morello is his use of DigiTech Whammy pedal. Although his setup is not that complex, Morello still uses the full potential of his pedals and achieves a very punchy tone. There's the MXR Distorion+, an old Ibanez Flanger from the '80s, Boss tremolo pedal, and different analog and digital delays.

9. John Frusciante

Aside from his wonderful solos and great songwriting skills, John Frusciante is also known for his great guitar tone. On his board, we can find a lot of Boss stuff, like DS-1, FZ-3, and DS-2. And there have always been some quirky and vintage-oriented pedals in there, including the Guyatone Vintage Tremolo and Electro-Harmonix Micro Synthesizer. Interestingly enough, he also used Dimebag Darrell signature wah and Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff.

10. David Gilmour

There's probably no guitar player out there who can achieve the tone as perfect as David Gilmour's. Among the different stuff, he's very well-known for using the Big Muff, Univox Uni-Vibe, MXR Phaser, and a whole bunch of other vintage effects.

It's pretty unusual to know that he also used Boss' HM-2 pedal and the very rare MZ-2. However, he's also a fan of tube overdrives, like the Chandler Tube Driver.

We could go on for days about Gilmour, and his setup would require a detailed article on its own.

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