4 Signature VST Plugins You Gotta Check Out for Home Recording

The VST plugins consist of collections of effects directly inspired by the usual repertoire of sounds of a certain artist or group. These compilations are usually led by the artist's two or three signature amp sounds (with their respective speaker simulations), a few pedals, and a few effects that we would put in the loop of an amp. As these are mostly available for guitar players, oftentimes, we can find plugins for drums, bass, and vocals as well.

Here are 4 Signature VST plugins that will put a lot of color to your playing without spending much money.

Archetype: Nolly

Adam Getgood, or "Nolly", is known to some as the former Periphery bassist, but those with a deep understanding of the world around the Maryland band know that his work went much further and that he continues to play a very important role. And "Nolly" stands out enormously in the world of modern metal production, being one of the references and a source of credibility that more than once has brought him closer to the world of marketing products for musicians. In this case, those who have approached Adam are the people of Neural DSP, a company dedicated to creating plugins, which usually come onto the market with some "blessing". 

The Archetype: Nolly is the result of this collaboration with Adam Getgood, and according to his ad campaign it comes from Adam's desire to create a plugin that reflects his requirements for real amplifiers modified by himself. Four main amps have been the result of all this, oriented to clean sounds, crunch, distortion, and lead, respectively. Of course, a small collection of pre-effects (two overdrives, a compressor, and a delay) and post effects (delay and reverb) are also included. In addition, we have a graphic equalization section.

The issue of emulated screens has also been addressed, having a specific one for each amplifier, although in any one we can deactivate the association between them, to be able to combine the screens as we estimate. At the same time, the distance and position of the mics can be modified to tune until we find the sound we need. The plugin is in 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX format and also Standalone (that is, we don't need to open our recording software to use it, simply play). 

Archetype: Tim Henson

An artist who best combines innovation, youth, and virtuosity - Tim Henson. For those of you who do not know, Polyphia is a mainly instrumental group that fuses trap sounds with fusion guitar. The new Neural DSP plugin brings together not only the sounds, but also the aesthetics surrounding the world created by Polyphia, but in Tim Henson’s style.

The Neural DSP Archetype: Tim Henson includes an acoustic simulator, a crunch amp with two channels, and a lead sound designed for high gain. Each one of them has its own set of controls, as well as hundreds of IR's created by the aforementioned Adam "Nolly" Getgood, and 6 microphones, which we can add to the option of uploading our own IR's.

In the pre-effects part (that is, those that we would connect to the input of the amp) we have three pedals - compressor, boost, and overdrive. But the best thing is the post-effects section, which comes equipped with high-level things - we have a stereo chorus, delay, reverb with shimmer, and a 4-voice harmonizer, which we can adjust according to a key, or have it read the MIDI chords from some other track in our project so that the voices are always in line with the chord progression we are working with.

Butch Vig Vocals

Butch Vig has created, or at least contributed to creating a completely new Rock genre with Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Green Day, including his own band Garbage. Butch Vig had a lot to do with the unique sound of some of the most important modern rock records.

Butch Vig's unique stamp that he integrates into the Voice tracks is what made him famous. The respected producer uses distortion elements in a very interesting way in the vocal tracks with musical colors that complement them. These features form an integral part of the Butch Vig textures that we can replicate down to the smallest detail with this plugin.

For those looking for creative solutions to Voice tracks, Butch Vig Vocals provides ease and flexibility with EQ, Compression, and De-esser controls, implementing various tools to easily add color and texture to audio signals. These tools include Bulb Saturation and Transistor Saturation (Solid State), Focus control among other inspiring features developed by Butch himself to streamline your vision on Voice tracks.

P IV Matt Halpern Signature Pack

The GGD drum library P IV Matt Halpern Signature Pack was built with the drums that were used on the ‘HAIL STAN’ album by the US band Periphery. The style of the band has already been described, and if you are a follower of this band you will know that one of the many things that make them stand out among many is their good production and sound on their albums, thanks to Adam Nolly.

Whether you love them or not, people greatly admire their work as musicians and producers, but even more so the engineering work they carry out in their production, in this case, GetGood Drums or GGD. It is a very simple and straight-to-the-point tool to use, without any parameters that can confuse us. 

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