5 Guitar Effects to Take Your Playing to the Next Level

While it may be difficult at first, learning how to play guitar is definitely a fun process. Especially when, after a few years or so, you reach a certain level and are able to actually transfer some of your feelings into the music that you're creating or reinterpreting. However, even after distancing yourself from the beginner level of guitar playing, there will definitely be a wall that you hit and are unable to progress, at least for a while. This is, of course, something that happened to every guitar player in existence and is nothing to be worried about. One of the ways that you can overcome this (aside from practicing intensely) is to get an interesting new guitar effect that would take your playing to the next level. So let us check out some of those.


In case you want to make your guitar playing more expressive, give it a whole new dimension, it is definitely a good idea to have a wah pedal in your setup. While people usually associate it with lead guitar, there's definitely some room to use it for rhythm parts as well. For instance, countless funk songs have guitary playing chords through wah pedals. At the same time, there are also some single-note riffs that can be played with a wah pedal. After all, there are no limits and you can implement it in every way you want to.

With an abundance of wah pedals on the market these days, there are countless different models for all the genres that will help you shape your tone the way you want to.


Now, this is a weird one. While it may be a difficult one to get a hang of, there is so much that you can do with synth pedals for guitars. There are a lot of them that require you to have an additional MIDI pickup, turning your guitar into a controller that does a sound of any instrument that comes to mind, including pianos, trumpets, strings, or even drums.

There are, of course, those other synth pedals that achieve different effects through filtering and other audio processing methods and that do not require a MIDI pickup. The one that comes to mind is Boss SY-1 Synthesizer that has 121 different combinations of effects in the form of a classic compact pedal.


Chorus is the effect that takes a copy of your signal, alters the pitch a little bit, adds some latency to it, and blends it in with your original signal. The resulting tone varies a lot, depending on how you set the parameters and in which combination of effects you use it.

Want to create something that sounds like a 12-string guitar? Just use it with your clean guitar. Or, in case you like heavy hitters like Zakk Wylde, you can use it with high gain distortion and create a more "spacious" tone for your solos and riffs. Definitely one of the most versatile and fun effects that you can have in your signal chain.


Playing electric guitar gives an abundance of sonic options for all the different kinds of genres. However, if you play using only distortion and one additional effect like a wah-wah pedal, your tone might just sound too "dry" and uninspiring. Adding something like a delay will certainly help you add a new dimension to your tone.

It is essentially like an echo effect. It repeats a delayed signal once or multiple times, with each repetition being quieter than the previous one. On it, you have controls for "time," or distance between two repetitions, "feedback," or how many repetitions will you have, and the "blend/mix" knob that determines the balance between the dry and processed signal.

Mostly used on lead parts, you'll also get the chance to hear them on rhythm guitars. It is one of the essential effects on an average pedalboard. At the same time, it allows more experimentation that will most definitely take your playing to the next level.

Pitch shifters

Want to sound like Tom Morello on the solo of "Killing in the Name"? Then go get yourself a Whammy pedal. However, the DigiTech Whammy is not the only one of its kind as there are countless others that create this pitch shifting effect one way or another. Some feature different controls that will raise or lower your pitch according to the set parameters. But the most popular ones are like the Whammy pedal with a rocking part, similar to the one you can find on a wah or a volume pedal.


But whatever your choice of pedals might be in the end, you'll always have room to experiment and try out new things. At the same time, you need to bear in mind that practicing and learning new things is mandatory if you want to put these pedal to good work.
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