5 Reasons Why We Love Boss Pedals

The magic of guitar pedals is one of the things that makes the electric guitar so appealing. Using these compact devices, you gain additional expression qualities and enhance your techniques, all with just one purpose – making your music better. However, you also need to find a way how to combine these pedals and make the best out of them. To do so, you need quality products. And if we're talking about guitar pedals, there's only a handful of brands that even match the greatness of Boss effects.

Going way back to the mid-1970s, Boss released the first official line of their products, including the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, which was an isolated effect circuit from the legendary Rolan Jazz Chorus amp. But their famous signature compact and sturdy design came with OD-1 Overdrive. Aside from being the first-ever compact overdrive effect, this pedal marked the start of their famous compact effects pedals. No matter the genre and style of playing, almost every guitar hero has used at least one of Boss' famous pedals.

And there must be a good reason behind it, right? Well, there are actually a few. This is why we decided to look more into this topic and explain the top 5 reasons why Boss pedals are so great.

1. Compact and great-looking design

Let's start with the most obvious reason, the one that we can notice at the very first glance. Boss pedals are unique. The design that was established in 1977 with OD-1, as well as two other pedals, PH-1 Phaser and SP-1 Spectrum. Although we need to admit that it's not crucial for the performance, Boss aesthetic pretty much stepped up the game, with all the other companies following them.

But this design's advantages go past the superficial aesthetic pleasures and show how innovative they were for the era. A simple compact device that brings you a much-needed effect for artistic expression was a dream come true for guitarists at the time. What's more – no matter the type of effect, these pedals were all placed in the very same type of casing, making it simpler to chain them together and use multiple devices at once, all while keeping things tidy.

2. Reliability

One important thing that Boss gear is known for its reliability. When someone says that Boss pedals are "built like a tank," they're not far from the truth. The metal casing will keep them safe even from pretty rough handling. Also, the very clever moving part that acts as part of the switching mechanism keeps things in check as well.

However, it's not just the sturdiness that makes them so great, it's the overall build quality and the use of good components that make them last for a very long time. In fact, you'll be able to find devices dating back from the late 1970s that are not only in pristine condition but are still working as good as they did the moment they came out of the factory. Of course, they're not invincible and the problems might occur. However, it's so rare that Boss has now earned its reputation for making very durable and reliable pedals.

3. Great tone

And there's the most important factor of them all – great tone. No matter the effect, Boss pedals are known for making your guitar sound better. Distortions and overdrives are done in such a way to fit both solid-state and tube amplifiers. Their analog choruses and delays have a lot of warmth to them, while the modern digital effects units manage to bring a completely new dimension to your guitar tone. This could be the most important reason why we're such huge fans of Boss and their products.

4. Consistency

Let's take the legendary Boss DS-1 Distortion as an example. Initial models that came out of the factory back in the late 1970s and the ones we have today have some different components in their circuit. And that's not a surprise since it's not that easy to have the same components – like operational amplifiers for example – over the decades. But despite swapping these components, there's hardly any way you'll notice a difference between a DS-1 made back then and the new one that you'll buy in a music store today.

And this consistency also goes for any of the pedals and other devices Boss is making today. Try out your friend's Boss pedal and you can expect to hear the same thing when you buy that same model in a music store.

5. Simplicity

Lastly, we're constantly being reminded of how simple and practical their pedals are. By implementing only a handful of parameter controls, you're able to completely change the sound and your musical output. And even the more complex compact pedals, like the very innovative SY-1 Synthesizer, is not that hard to figure out. After all, as a guitar player, you don't really want to bother with complicated controls.

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