Our Favorite Reverb Guitar Pedals

Whatever is the genre that you're into, there's always going to be some sort of a signal chain involved. Well, maybe not always, as some prefer the old school style, just going straight into a tube amp and using ts natural overdrive. But in most cases, we all need different pedals and effects to further enhance our tone. After all, these small and compact devices are here to be our tools for expression and help us get our message across. They can also be very fun things to play around with, depending on what your goals are.

But whatever the setup, not many like their tone to be completely "dry." This means that there should be some atmospheric effects involved. This group includes just two effects – echo (or also known as delay) and reverb. Guitarists usually pick sides here and either prefer one or the other. In some cases, they like using both, even at the same time. Reverb is the one that gives a more vintage-oriented feel to your tone. And here, we're going to explore what we consider to be the best reverb pedals. This is not a definite list, but just our favorites.

Strymon BigSky

Although everyone seems to be so obsessed with it, there's a big reason why Strymon's BigSky reverb pedal is so praised. And this is no ordinary reverb, but more like a very detailed processor that specializes in different types of reverberation for guitar. There are 12 different modes, along with very detailed reverb parameter controls. The three footswitches also open up a lot of functionality options. But the thing that BigSky is so praised for is the spaciousness of its tone. There's no other pedal out there that can match this.

Boss RV-500

And we could easily say that Boss' RV-500 is another example of a reverb-only processing unit for guitars. Once again, we have a device with 12 reverberation types and detailed parameter controls. Along with this, it also offers delay effect presets. Although this is a digital unit, you'll be able to create some very realistic replicas of those analog effects. There are even some presets that offer that classic tape-driven saturation of some old school vintage effects. If you're looking for an ultimate atmospheric effect machine, you just can't go wrong with RV-500.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2

Not going to some of those standard-sized pedals, we'd like to mention TC Electronic and their Hall of Fame 2 reverb. The pedal lives up to its name. This compact little thing is capable of a lot of different reverb presets. There are multiple modes of operation, as well as stereo inputs and stereo outputs, which is surprising for a pedal of this size. While pre-delay has no detailed controls, there's one switch that will let you choose between a short and a long one. What's also really surprising is that you can switch between the buffered and true bypass modes.

And let's not forget that this pedal works with TC Electronic's great TonePrint feature. This means that you can download some great presets that will make you sound like some of the most famous guitar players today.

Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb

With a list like this one, there's no way to avoid mentioning at least one Electro-Harmonix pedal. Being reverb lovers, the company's Oceans 11 pedal gets our attention. It's slightly cheaper compared to some other pedals we mentioned here, but this should not discourage you, making you think that it's not worth looking into. As its name suggests, the pedal offers 11 different reverberation types. There are also three simple control knobs on it, along with a mode switch that allows you to choose up to 3 different variations of some of the reverb types. Overall, it's not a difficult pedal to use, yet it provides you with a lot of different tones.

Eventide Space

But we just can't help and show our admiration for these complex reverb effect units. Another example comes with Eventide and their Space reverb pedal. It's a pricy one, but it's definitely worth it, considering all the controls and options that it holds.

First, it can work with stereo inputs and outputs. There are also jacks for auxiliary input and an expression pedal which can give you more practical control over some parameters. But what we really love about it is that you can choose between the regular output mode for amps and another one for mixing boards. This lets you plug in directly into a PA system without having that awful "hot" tone.

Of course, it's needless to say that it has some amazing tones. There are 12 reverb types in total, all of them replicating reverbs from Eventide's rack-mounted processors Eclipse V4 and H8000FW.

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