The Best Pedalboards for Guitar Players

Refreshing your tone with a variety of different pedals is probably one of the best, and most exciting, things that you can do as a guitar player. Like a rich palette of different sonic "colors," you're able to make your guitar sing, growl, and even produce synth sounds, all with the help of different effects units. By combining different pedals and putting them in a different order, you get a whole new world of possibilities at your disposal. However, if you do plan to have more than just two or three pedals, it would probably be the best idea to get a pedalboard. Sure, you can line up 10 pedals in a signal chain, and then unpack and pack them back every time you go to band practice or a gig. Just imagine – you'd have to use separate batteries or power supplies for each of them, making it all a logistic nightmare. So, with that in mind, let us check out some of the best pedalboards for guitar players.

Boss BCB-60

The Boss BCB-60 is a classic pedalboard, fitting up to six standard-sized pedals. It comes as a sturdy suitcase (like you would expect anything less from Boss), integrated power supply, and a slot for a regular guitar tuner.

Although not that customizable, it's pretty useful for a standard in-line signal chain setup. It is practical, neat, and easy to carry around, but you'd need something more serious if you're looking for a bigger and more complicated rig or just a signal chain with pedals that just don't fit the standard size slots.

Gator G-Tour

This one might be a bit more unusual. Nonetheless, the Gator G-Tour Large is a customizable quality board designed for serious players. What's really interesting is that it is a heavy-duty sturdy case with a detachable board, so you can use it with the case or just take out the board and use it separately on the stage. There are a few custom options you can choose from, although the power supply is not included in either of these.

Temple Audio Duo 24

Temple Audio makes some of the best professional-grade pedalboards out there. The most exciting feature is that you can fully customize it, even add specialized inputs and outputs, including XLR jacks. The entire surface of the board is filled with smaller and larger holes, giving you the option to run all the power cables and patch cables below it and keep things tidy. All the pedals and cables can be held down using zip ties.

But what's even more exciting, Temple Audio makes their own special Quick Release Pedal Mounts so that you don't have to bother with excessive plastic zip ties. Overall, these boards are pretty modular, and you can buy additional power supplies, jacks, and all the other accessories with it.

The Duo 24 model is a pretty large one, with dimensions of 24.5 inches with 12.5 inches. This gives enough room for numerous pedals and different loops for the advanced pedal users. In case you're looking for something to line up 5 or 6 of your pedals in a row, it's the best that you go with something like the Boss BCB-60. But if you have more intricate loops and combinations in mind, then Duo 24 is the right board for you.

The only downside is that it doesn't include a flight case.

Pedaltrain Classic

Pedaltrain have a whole variety of options, all of them based on the simple "rail" design. Each board has multiple rails on which you can hold the pedals using a quality velcro tape that's included with the product. The Classic Pedaltrain features four rails and its total size is 22 x 12.5 inches. This is enough to have standard size pedals in two parallel rows. It's pretty easy to set up and it fits the included flight case perfectly.

The power supplies are bought separately, but there's enough room to fit it below the rails, along with all the patch and power cables.

Holeyboard New Standard

While it might look a bit weird on the first glance, the Holeyboard Evolution is one of the most interesting pedalboards that you can find out there. The whole idea with this one was to have a fully ergonomic board with enough room on the right (input) side, and the two "floors" on the left (output) side.

The top shelf on the Holeyboard New Standard has room for about 5 standard pedals, and there's enough room underneath it to store even a larger power supply. Overall, it can fit a wah, a tuner pedal, and additional 8 pedals, while still retaining its ergonomic qualities and making it easier for players to do all the switching without any awkward and tiring pedal dancing.

While it is pretty innovative, the downside is that you'll need to purchase a flight case separately.

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