Top 5 Power Supplies for Your Pedalboard

Setting up your tone is not always as simple as one might think at first. Yes, you're supposed to have the right pedals that fit your desired tone and preferred genres. But it's more than just that. You need to have the right set of patch cables, you need to have the right surface for your needs, and you've got to have the right order of pedals. However, what guitarists sometimes tend to overlook is that you also need a good power supply, or the so-called "power brick."

In some way, a power supply is an overlooked part of any pedalboard. It only provides power to all the pedals, right? It makes no impact on the tone whatsoever? Well, it's not that simple. A device like this must operate well to remove any unwanted electrical hum. Also, there's some versatility that you need to think about, including pedals that operate on different voltages. So without further ado, here are the best power supplied for your pedalboard.

1. Strymon Ojai

While everyone knows Strymon for their effects, they also make some great additional gadgets, like power supplies. Now, the idea behind such a power supply was to have a lot of power. Yes, there are only five outputs, but each of them has an impressive 500 mA. Which is, in some cases, an entire power of some setups.

This power supply has analog circuitry and two stages of isolation. This way, your pedals can use their full potential and in many cases even sound a bit better. What's also really useful is that you can buy more of these, chain them together, and get one bigger power supply.

2. Pedaltrain Volto V3

Pedaltrain has made its name big thanks to the professional-grade pedalboards and other equipment. However, their Volto V3 power brick is just a surprisingly innovative product. First, this is actually a rechargeable battery that's specially designed for guitar pedals. Its capacity is about 6200 mA, with the maximum output of 2000 mA. You can either keep it plugged in all the time, but its greatest strength lies with the fact that you can keep it unplugged for quite a while if it's charged. Imagine how practical this is for live gigs. And on top of all this, it's quite compact. You can even keep it in your pocket.

3. Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital

Now going over to Voodoo Lab, which is an independent pedal manufacturer, we have their Pedal Power Digital brick. This particular piece is designed to work even with some of the DSP units. There's a total of four fully isolated output sections. Such a design ensures stable operation and will keep everything noise-free. This is extremely important for many of the digital pedals or multi-effects units out there.

This device is intended for 4 "power-hungry" digital devices that need stable and quality operation. Each output can withstand 400 mA. The best part is that Pedal Power Digital ensures stable current, even with poor AC conditions, which you can often find on stages in clubs and other venues.

4. Joyo Power Supply 2 JP-02

As far as Joyo goes, we know the company for its affordable pedals and other guitar-related products. Continuing with this tradition, they also started making affordable power supplies for pedals. It comes with 7 outputs with 9 volts, while there's also another one that provides 12 volts. On top of this, there's a 9th power output for devices that work with 18 volts.

Despite being a budget product, JP-02 is still a very reliable and stable one. If you're looking for a simple solution for your pedalboard, this one will come in handy.

What's more, many have been praising this device for its durability. This particular trait makes it a great option for tours. Another of the important features includes the compatibility with different voltages, which is essential if you're touring overseas.

5. Mission Engineering 529

Mission Engineering is more on the higher-end price spectrum. But although their 529 power supply has only six power outputs, it's still a very reliable and stable device for powering one's pedals. Firstly, it's powered through a USB 2.0 Type-B 5-volt input. Four outputs carry 9 volts and 150 mA each. There's also another 9-volt output with 500 mA, which is intended for more power-hungry pedals. And there's also another one, but it's USB Type-A 5-volt.

But just like with Pedaltrain Volto V3, 529 is also a portable and compact battery for pedals. That's a pretty great choice for a small setup for live gigs. The USB Type-A is a good option for anyone who's using a tablet or a smartphone for any additional functionality on stage.

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  • As far as stacking pedals go I like to start with my klon ktr, then my marshall guv’nor (modded with the chip removal that makes the circuits like the og), & then the big muff tone wicker. Depending on the particular song.. etc perhaps the klon may be on without the guv’nor or vice versa but I tend to use the big muff as an always on. I suppose I should mention I also run a neo clone which is also an always on & a canyon delay that is only for certain stuff but the gain pedals are the ones I actually think of when It comes to tone stacking

    Barry Collins

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