Worship Pedalboard Essentials for Bass Players

We're exploring some of the essentials of a main gigging rig for bass players. Specifically, we're going to focus on how to build the most useful and practical worship pedalboard.

Here's what we recommend:

For starters, it is always good to have a tuner so you can actually be in tune. Most tuners are fairly inexpensive and should be at the front of your signal chain.

Next up is a compressor pedal which is great for thickening your tone and creating signal balance. You want long thick notes and you don't want things poking out too much so this is a must-have for any pedalboard.

Following the compressor, you want to have a volume pedal. This type of pedal is great at retaining the thickness of the compressor while allowing you to have have nice volume fade ins and fade outs without impacting anything negatively.

It's always great to have an overdrive pedal since these are perfect for that big chorus sound. Perhaps, you want some hair on a song, then this is an amazing option.

In addition, high gain distortion is perfect for some fun color especially when utilizing a pick. It's often overlooked so be sure to add one to your board to stand out.

And, a DI pedal is a necessary value add to have at the end of you signal chain since it will protect your bass signal from outside interferences. 

These are the six pedals that will make any worship pedalboard for bass players complete. It will also serve well for other genres so it should make as an excellent starting point.

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