The 10 Best Gift Ideas for Guitarists

Let’s be honest - buying a good gift for a guitar player isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Finding the perfect present for a loved one who’s into guitars can stump even the most devoted gift-buyers. Don’t worry, though - there are plenty of options out there. And we’ve got a couple of suggestions on presents that will leave any guitar player in awe!

1. Guitar Smartphone Holder

We'll kick this list off with a truly genius gadget. With this nifty little contraption, the days of being bending towards a laptop in order to read chords or sheet music are long gone! This is something any guitar player can clip onto their instrument, browse to their chord site of choice, and start playing right away! You can even use this with tuning apps. You won't find many guitar gadgets cooler than this.

2. Slide Ring

Here's a gift that all blues guitarists will come to appreciate, though it's really a good choice for anyone who plays the guitar. A slide ring is extremely practical because it keeps your options open. Conversely to a usual slide that will go over the entirety of your finger, this ring is something you can use when you need to slide, while still being able to use your fingers when you have to play a chord.

3. New Guitar Strap

A brand new guitar strap is something any guitar musician could use, and thus a gift they'd be thrilled to receive. These days, you can find quick release straps, that make switching between different guitars a breeze. Just make sure that you buy one that will last a while, and provides enough comfort.

4. Personalized Guitar Pick

While many of the ideas on this list are designed to be practical gifts, there are people who prefer more personal gifts; something that will leave the person who's receiving it with a lasting memory. With that in mind, why not buy your favorite guitarist their very own personalized guitar pick? It can contain a variety of things, like an image of the guitarist, or a funny quote. And best of all, this is one of the most budget-friendly gifts you can get, while still leaving a lasting impact.

5. Guitar Lessons

After all, a gift doesn't have to be something imminently palpable. If you're buying a gift for an aspiring musician who's still learning the ropes; why not just buy them a gift certificate for music lessons? At the end of the day, the best musical equipment in the world won't matter a thing unless someone actually knows how to play. And this is especially useful if you're buying a gift in the last minute, seeing as it's something you can get instantly.

6. Crybaby Wah

If you want to get your guitarist friend a cool gift, a Crybaby Wah Pedal will leave all other gift-givers behind in your dust. From Clapton to Hendrix, all of the rock ‘n’ roll legends have used this classic pedal. Though there’s something of a learning curve, it’s still really fun to play, and totally worth the investment.

7. Gig Bag

For those still thinking in terms of practical gifts, there’s nothing a professional guitarist needs more than a quality gig bag. It’ll make transporting the instrument easy as pie, plus it’ll protect the guitar from any environmental damage. And on top of all that, there’s usually room for cables, picks, sheet music, and other accessories. If you want to really blow everyone else out of the water, you can buy some of these and give the gift of a fully-loaded gig bag!

8. Capo

A capo is handy, as it enables guitarists to rapidly alter the pitch in a musical piece. Though, choose carefully; there are lots of capos out there on the market, and you don’t want to get an extremely cheap one. As simple as this device is, quality is still important.

9. String Fuel Cleaner

Sure, a string fuel cleaner may seem a bit dull as a gift. But any guitarist knows that clean strings are essential if you want to produce a good quality sound. Keeping guitar strings regularly lubricated will lower string noise, and help preserve them longer. Plus, it makes playing easier, as you slide up and down much more effortlessly. And the cleaning itself is simple - one simple swipe is enough!

10. Fold-up Stool

As any sit-down musician will tell you, there’s nothing worse than turning up to a gig and realizing that you don’t have a decent stool to sit on. Unfortunately, quality stools can take up a lot of space in anyone’s car. There’s a solution for that, though, which is also a perfect gift for any working musician. A couple of companies that manufacture guitar and microphone stands also produce foldable stools for musicians.

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