Technique & Theory

7 Hacks to Improve Your Guitar Playing

Guitar is, by far, one of the most accessible and engaging instruments out there. What's more, you can take it almost...

The Triad Trick of Jimi Hendrix

The world of guitar music is filled with so many little secrets. For instance, you may hear this lead or rhythm secti...

How to Break Bad Guitar Performance Habits

Look, almost every guitar player out there would like to be a virtuoso. And the thing is, it's not only about the tec...

How to Use the Nashville Number System for Guitar

Getting into the world of music feels like a fun and entertaining activity until you get to music theory and sight-re...

5 Metronome Tips and Tricks

If you're serious about becoming a great musician, then you must know that there will be a ton of practice involved. ...

How to Improve Your Guitar Improv

There's barely any other experience that can compare to the joy of learning how to play guitar. All those songs that ...
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