Why Guitarists Should Utilize One Word Equity

Do you need help finding your own voice on guitar? It's not a simple journey but I have a thought that will help make it a bit easier. It's called one word equity.

This post is not going to be about some magical trick or 3 step process to make finding your voice happen. It's a long and difficult process which requires time.

However, I can help streamline the journey a bit and offer a suggestion. For those of you who are just getting to know me, my life before Siren Pedals was a corporate one. I worked for years in the corporate and agency world and I still have my agency today.

I just decided a year or two ago that life is too short, and I wanted to do this pedal thing so here I am today. Well, a principle I learned from my corporate life is the whole idea of having one word equity. It's a concept t I was just reminded of recently watching Daniel Pink's masterclass. It's a good one. Go check it out.

But back on topic, this concept of one word equity was created by Maurice Saatchi or Baron Saatchi and it is all about owning your one word. What do I mean by this? From a business perspective, think about companies like Google.

When you think of Google, you think of the word Search.

And, when you think of the word Search, you think of Google.

Or how about cola and Coke? When you think of cola, you think of Coke and vice versa.

The same is true of people.

When you think of Abraham Lincoln, you think of honest or Honest Abe. Or when you think of the word hope, you think of Barack Obama.

So, the lesson here is, what is your one word as musician? How can you find your micro-niche in a pool of other very talented musicians so you can narrow your focus and maximize your guitar practice time?

For instance, think about other guitarists and what we could call their one word.

The bends of David Gilmour.

The triads of Hendrix.

The shredding of Marty Friedman.

And, if you didn't want to own that type of one word equity, could you perhaps master a pedal.


The whammy and Tom Morello.

The Big Muff and Billy Corgan.

The Phase 90 and Eddie Van Halen.

You get the point. It's all about one word equity.

It's not the secret formula or perfect solution to finding your voice but it will at least getting you going in the right direction.

So, get brainstorming and share your thoughts with me below.

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