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Scott Schwertly:
Hello, and welcome to episode 72 of the Sonic Renegades podcast. We're exploring Renegade pedals that have changed the music landscape. Up for today's discussion, we're switching gears, and we're going to be taking a look at a tuner pedal, specifically the Peterson StroboStomp HD. This thing is a wonderful one, and we're excited to cover it on the other side.

Hey, everybody. Scott Schwertly and Eric Wilson of Siren Pedals. Hope you're having a great day. Well, today we are excited, because we're going to be switching things up a little bit. We're not actually going to be covering a specific effects pedal, but we are going to be talking about a tuner pedal, and that being the Peterson StroboStomp HD. This thing's been out for about two years now, came out in January of 2019. I know there are a lot of people out there that absolutely admire and adore this pedal, myself included. So we're excited to be talking about it today.

Eric Wilson:
Yeah, it really is. I mean, obviously, I don't own this, this is one that you own. But I mean, and looking into it, it does a lot more than I ever thought that a tuning pedal would do or really could do or needed to do. But it brings a lot of just interesting things to the table as far as just different types of tunings and different options as far as routing and things like that. So really excited to take a look at this one.

Scott Schwertly:
Yeah. I mean, we're talking about a tuner pedal, so it's not the sexiest of things. But in the world of tuner pedals, I think it's definitely a standout. For something like this, it's $139, so it's a little bit more pricey as compared to its counterparts, specifically, I'm thinking of the BOSS TU-2 Chromatic tuner pedal, which I believe is like $99, TC Electronic Polytune, which I believe is also around the $99 range. And even just some of the Chinese Amazon type pedals, whether I think there's the KLIQ. I don't even know if there's one by Donner. But anyway, there's several other cheaper versions for 30 bucks, 40 bucks, 50 bucks.

But for me, dropping $139 on this, I don't have to get another tuner pedal ever again unless this one malfunctions several years from now. This thing is perfect. It's everything I would want in a tuner pedal, and I'm never going to go back to any of the other ones I've purchased. This is what I need unless they somehow improve it or change it moving forward. So yeah, highly, highly recommend.

Eric Wilson:
Yeah. Well, people don't know much about Peterson as a company and where they got their start. They started the whole Strobo tuner thing, so it goes back to mechanical strobo tuners and using those. I know I grew up using one in our band class. So they are known to be and referred to as the most accurate tuners on the planet, so just knowing that the company that created that is bringing their expertise into a guitar pedal gives you the reassurance that no matter what it's going to be high quality. So yes, it is more expensive than your typical tuner pedal, but when you take that into consideration into the fact that they were able to bring everything they've learned from the years of literally all they do is make tuners into this pedal, it really brings just new things to the table to consider.

Scott Schwertly:
Yeah. I mean, they've got over 70 years of experience of doing this, so they do know what they're doing. And yeah, I mean, as you just explained, I mean, the accuracy component that you get with this is a beautiful thing, and you're guaranteed accuracy with your tuning when utilizing this pedal. So it's a fabulous device. We're obviously hyping this up right now. We're talking a lot about a lot of positive things that we love with this pedal. So we'll walk through what we feel really are just the standout items.

In fact, I did an entire YouTube video on the Siren Pedals YouTube channel about this pedal, because, again, there's just so many standout features that, to me, make it worth the extra few dollars to have it as part of your collection.

So standout number one for me is the display. I mean, it's got this huge, beautiful display to it. You can change the colors. I know, for me, I'm not the greatest guitarist in the world, so there are still chords that I'm learning. So it's nice just to particularly put it into monitor mode and quickly remind myself, "Okay, Oh, I'm playing an A chord, or I'm playing a D chord here," And I can see it, and it's bright, it's beautiful. And yeah, as compared to, let's say, my BOSS tuner where I can hardly read the red display on the bottom. So this thing is super easy to read and simplifies my life in so many different ways because of that.

Eric Wilson:
Yeah. And like you said, with that monitor mode, it really eliminates a middleman that for... I mean, for years, for me, I would have a buffered volume pedal and run the tuner out of that to my tuner, that way I could keep it on all the time, and that way I could use it... My big use for the tuner on all the time is when I'm playing slide, so I know that I'm actually in tune, or it was a way I trained myself to play slide. So that was really useful for me. But now with that monitor mode, you can skip the middleman of needing to have a buffered or modded volume pedal.

Scott Schwertly:
Yeah, this pedal offers a ton for any musician. Including things that you just covered there, Eric, along with some other things, specifically the things that really stand out to me right now, as I'm thinking about it, are, there are sweetened tunings and guided tunings that are provided with this pedal, specifically, our sweetened tunings are really their proprietary approach to giving you just their recommended ways to tune your guitar. So I know for me, I definitely love using the guitar option, or the GTR option, which is just, again, their interpretation of really what my guitar should be tuned in to get that optimal sound and tone.

Eric Wilson:
Yeah. And that was something I actually hadn't heard of before, so I would be really interested to see, for me, how that would play in. Obviously, I haven't gotten a chance to try this, but I'll have to get my hands on one and try that one of these times. But yeah, I did see that, and that really intrigued me about this tuner in particular.

Scott Schwertly:
Yeah. I mean, I've got a Telecaster with the three saddles, which obviously can be problematic at times. And so using the sweetened tunings option, it, again, allows us to work around that, which is great. And I would suggest... I mean, there are a number that we can walk through right now, but obviously that would probably eat up all of our time.

But yeah, if you guys are interested in the Peterson StroboStomp, just go on their website and you can see... I don't know the exact number, but it's quite a handful of sweetened tuning options and the guided tuning options. So definitely something worth exploring. And to me, that's the icing on the cake. So not only are you getting this accurate tuner, but then you're getting these sweetened and guided tuning options that take the pedal to the next level. So yeah, definitely a lot here to sing our praises about.

Eric Wilson:
Yeah. One of the other added things, I think a good way to sum up this pedal is everything you didn't know you wanted that you definitely don't need.

Scott Schwertly:
Yeah, exactly.

Eric Wilson:
You can change the display, the colors and things like that. And just with all the different routing options, control of the buffer and things like that, like you were talking about the sweetened tunings. It just really is the upper end of guitar tuners.

Scott Schwertly:
For sure. And the fact that they got the buffered option, the buffered monitor option, true bypass, and they claim it's a popless true-bypass. So again, you get all these little perks all baked into one device, which is fantastic. Obviously, we think very highly of what this tuner pedal can do. Well, there you have it, guys. There's not really a demo or anything that we can provide for this pedal. Again, we're talking about a tuner pedal here. But again, if you want to learn more about it, a lot of great content on the web about it. Again, if you want to look up the sweetened tunings or the guided tunings, just jump on the Peterson site and you can see those specifically in more detail on what those actually provide.

As I mentioned earlier, we've done... I specifically did a whole video on why I love this pedal. Definitely go check that out on our YouTube channel and you can learn more there. But yeah, if you're in the market for a tuner pedal, you will not be disappointed with the Peterson StroboStomp.

Eric Wilson:
Yeah. It seems like a great tool for anybody to pick up.

Scott Schwertly:
Yeah, it's a good one. So again, if you're on the fence with some of the classics, whether it's BOSS, or the Polytune from TC Electronic, or something else, again, our recommendation, spend the extra bucks, get one that you're going to be completely happy with. And this is one we'd recommend. It's a solid choice.

So there you have it, guys. That is the Peterson StroboStomp HD. That's what we wanted to cover for today's episode. Join us next time. A fan of the show, Sean, thank you. If you're out there listening, Sean actually recommended that we take a look at the Koogo PFL-1 Mini Flanger Pedal. I know Sean is a big fan of this pedal, so we thought we'd go ahead and cover it in the next episode. So join us as we go back into the world of modulation, or more specifically flanger pedals. So excited to cover that one and excited to hear what this pedal is all about. So should be a fun episode. Until then, have a great day, have a great week. And we'll catch you in the next one.

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