About Siren

Hi! I'm Scott Schwertly and I'm the Founder of Siren Pedals. I'm honored you are taking the time to look at my pedals. I hold this company close to my heart so I appreciate you and your support.

I bought my first pedal in the Fall of 2018, and I became absolutely obsessed. As Josh Scott would put it, I caught the "bug." Fast forward a few months later, and I had the grand idea to actually start a guitar pedal company.

In June of 2019, I developed the Siren brand, secured a URL, formed an LLC, and started to do the work with no clue on how to make it happen (I still don't really have a clue but I am doing my best and learning along the way). By January of the following year, I launched Siren with 3 pedals, 2 more a few months later, and then 1 more in the Fall - all during the middle of global pandemic.

A lot of people think Siren is a big organization with lots of employees and unlimited capital because we are a company built around more than just one pedal. The truth is quite the opposite. Siren consists of just me and my colleague, Eric Wilson. Together, we build pedals by hand, run a podcast, and are crazy serious about adding value to the guitar community via our YouTube channel.

Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about Siren Pedals. I'm so honored to be part of your journey to discover sonic greatness. 

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