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The Siren Story

The world was once a dark and quiet place. The ground was shattered. The water was tainted. The air was thin. Silence ruled the heavens and the earth and all seemed lost. The people were sad and wept for there were no sounds to be heard, or riffs to be played. Then one day, a mighty Siren appeared from a majestic light and sang an enchanting song to the people. It was an ancestral calling for her Titans, magnificent and powerful entities who embody pure and divine tonal greatness.  

Without hesitation, the people immersed in the ways of the Titans and began to discipline themselves in the art of guitar, bass, and even keys. What happened next changed the world forever. A bond was created that united both man and the Titans, a connection which unlocked the secrets of what once was considered fable and legend. 

Will you heed the call of the Siren, and unlock the secret of the Titans?

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